Snowshoe Grilling Challenge
Abington VFW, Abington, MA
Congratulations to Norwell's
Dirty Dick and the Legless Wonders
15th Annual SGC Grand Champions!!
Category winners


1 Boneyard BBQ
2 Poky Smokers
3 Dr. Frank' NSwine
4 Feeding FriendZ
5 I Smell Smoke!!!

Sausage Fattie

1 Que Ball
2 I Smell Smoke!!!
3 Lakeside Smokers
4 Dirty Dick and The Legless Wonders
5 Boneyard BBQ


1 Dirty Dick and The Legless Wonders
2 Transformer BBQ
3 Yabba Dabba Que
4 I Que
5 Porkahlics


1 Yabba Dabba Que
2 Uncle Jed's BBQ
3 Dr. Frank' NSwine
4 Feeding FriendZ
5 Purple Turtle

Another Year Come & Gone
Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the cold on Saturday. It was a great time and for a great cause. We were able to raise over $650 for the Abington food pantry with our raffles. That money translates into roughly $6500 in food and other products for the St. Vincent DePaul Society. Teams, judges, reps, and others also packed the food pantry truck with boxes and boxes of food items. Again thanks to all who came out and congrats to those who got called. See you next year!

Gary Taft
SGC Organizer

Visit our "Friends of the SGC" page!

Take some time and visit with the people and businesses that helped the SGC and the Abington Food Pantry. Many of them are providing great products for our raffle table. Check it out on the FRIENDS page.



Dr. Frank'NSwine 
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